First Day

“The process of change in life is more important than achieving a goal or measuring progress.” – Theodore Isaac Rubin I have seen very successful people in various areas of life and detect a common point: all of them are successful doing things they love. Nobody can have lasting success Continue Reading

20 – Following

This monitoring process is called following. It is everything that follows after the person signs up on your list. What you will do is start a process of relationship with this person, in an automated manner using the auto-responder. An autoresponder is a system that allows you to store contacts Continue Reading

18 – Generate Qualified Contacts

This is the first step in your process of getting to talk to your audience, also called: capturing contacts. Capture systems are complex, but they all boil down to two steps: – Generation of qualified traffic ( “hot” audience ) to a capture page where you are promoting a free Continue Reading

1 – What is a Guru?

It’s cumum to call “guru” someone who knows a lot about a subject and teaches others. “Guru” means “one who illuminates” that dispels darkness. In the sense of this article, it means “one who shows the way.” So there are many experts who are called “gurus” because they know a Continue Reading