First Day

“The process of change in life is more important than achieving a goal or measuring progress.” – Theodore Isaac Rubin I have seen very successful people in various areas of life and detect a common point: all of them are successful doing things they love. Nobody can have lasting success Continue Reading

Bird Flu

“All you need to do is take five minutes in the morning to centre yourself with your goal. Establish your intention for that day. And if you do not have five minutes to do this, you do not deserve to live the life of your dreams. ” – Oprah Winfrey Continue Reading


“I think, therefore I give up.” – Anonymous We are taught to think that everything that”is rational” is good, either that or “scientifically proven”. When you are faced with the need to make a vital decision for your life what do people say to you?  ”Think about it”, “weight thigs Continue Reading

16 – Your Story

Everyone has multiple stories that rarely are given any value. You may think you have nothing valuable to share with your audience, but you have something that is at the same time the most valuable of all: a personal story. You have a life full of struggles, episodes, successes, failures, Continue Reading

3 – Counting Rifles

A Why is an objective, but it is also much more than that. It is the reason why you do what you do. Seen from another perspective, it’s by doing what you’re doing that you fulfil your purpose. It’s kind of fish with biting its own tail: you do because Continue Reading