The Mystery of Empower

Hello, my name is Rui Gabriel and I am co-founder of the Lazy Millionaires League of Empower Network. Today is a special day because I will reveal a secret. This secret is very simple:I’m sure you have heard of a company called Empower Network, because I mention it several times Continue Reading

21 – The Money is in (the Relationship with) Your List

Anything you to do online, as you know, has an impact on your reputation and your credibility. However, not only from reputation and credibility does an Internet Guru live. You need to add emotion, heart. Since the Portuguese scientist Manuel Damasio called attention to the “Emotional Intelligence” she went on Continue Reading

12 – Choosing the Audience

SUCCESS IS A MATTER OF TEMPERATURE An audience, like matter, has four states: solid, liquid, gas and plasmatic. To be someone who is recognized and have a lot of people willing to give you their money, you need to know in advance who you’ll be adressing. One of the typical Continue Reading

4 – Do’s and Don’ts

THERE ARE NO INNOCUOUS FACTS. Knowing what to do to achieve our dreams is sometimes difficult, but sometimes it is even more difficult to know what kind of people to avoid, what type of content to chase away, what people must you not associate with, what you should not do, Continue Reading