They Seem Like Solutions, But They’re Problems

“I’ll participate, I’ll help, and in doing so, will come out winning.” – Walter Annenberg Walter Annenberg does not say: I’m going to think a lot, I ‘m going to study. Instead he says “participate”, to be active, to do something together with other people. And he says “help” which Continue Reading

The Other Jeans’ Pocket

“Do not find a fault, find a solution.” – Henry Ford The bad thing about “sayings” is that, often, they are repeated so much that its meaning becomes clouded. This is one of them. I think there is nobody on the face of this planet who does not agree with Continue Reading

16 – Your Story

Everyone has multiple stories that rarely are given any value. You may think you have nothing valuable to share with your audience, but you have something that is at the same time the most valuable of all: a personal story. You have a life full of struggles, episodes, successes, failures, Continue Reading

13 – Lets Choose Your Audience Then

Firstly you have to be aware of a marketing mistake that is so common but so severe that gives destroys entire strategies, ruins businesses and burns millions of euros. The mistake is this: “You succeed when many people have a problem or need and you have the solution.” Or, in Continue Reading

The Means or the Plans

“Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of idea is an obstacle.” – Ken Hakuta It doesn’t matter what your goal is. Whatever it is, you will find, at some point in the process, an insurpassable obstacle. Unsurpassable, if you keep your mindset unchanged, values, methods of solving problems. As Continue Reading