” Excellence is not a skill but an attitude .” – Ralph Marston To be very good at something is to be competent. Competence is something you will learn through study, practice and modeling (observation and copy). Does it have any use? Of course. Some call it also “professionalism” and Continue Reading

Analysis of the Paralysis

“Some people spend a lifetime organizing their life.” – Seneca A good friend of mine calls this condition ” analysis of paralysis”. It is one of the attitude virus disguised of professionalism. Successful people have a common characteristic: they see an opportunity and act quickly. Then give their maximum for Continue Reading

15 – Finding Oil

Let’s follow the advice of Paul Getty. After getting up early and working hard, we find oil. The oil is your skills, what you already have and what you already are. No need to study, develop yourself to oil because that’s been around for a long time, due to the Continue Reading

8 – The Knowledgeable Guru

Ideally you will come to accumulate the three forms of “expertise”, so you’ll do well to know them very well in the next articles and start working on it. First things first way: To be a specialist in a particular subject, you need to know a lot about this subject. Continue Reading

Ilusion and Being Full of Yourself

“There is only one true way of learning: by study and practice.” It’s funny that this sentence seems wrong. One form of learning: study and practice. I was amused and wrote it. But it’s not only funny, it is also true. The only way to learn is by using both Continue Reading

Just Don’t Give Up

“The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.” – Joe Paterno The cycle of success has many stages. It is not enough to want a lot. That’s just the first step. Then comes the study, preparation, learning. It is vital but often forgotten this planning Continue Reading

Personal Marketing – Personal Value

This may be an inconvenient truth for your Personal Marketing but “You earn what you deserve“! Incidentally, we all win what we deserve. You’ll see in this article how to increase your value with Personal Marketing and consequently create conditions to earn more money … without having to actually work Continue Reading