"I don't know what the future has, but I know who holds the future." – Ralph Abernathy

My future is not destined, it's built. At least for me. And I know very well who's building it. Me. How?

With small decisions and small actions taken every second of the day.

  • If you are the owner of your second, you will be it of your hours, of your days, weeks, months and years. You will be master of your life, past, present and future.

However don't be afraid that it will bore you to be the owner of so much. You will have many unforeseen setbacks and frustrations, it will seem that your life is controlled by someone other than you. That is where you are tested to see if you deserve the great life that is reserved for you.

Truth is that your perfect future, the one that you daydream about, is there waiting for you.

  • You only need to own your seconds before you can take possession of it.

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