When someone talks about money in public it’s as if he got naked, just suddenly.

– If someone asks “what do you measure?” and you have a good hight, as you say your measurements and all is ok.

– If they ask: “How much do you weigh?” and you think you have a good weight, you tell them your weight and it’s ok.

– If they ask “where do you live?” and you live in a nice place, you say where you live and you are ok.

– If they ask “what is your course?” and you have a good one, you say it no problem.

– If they ask “where you work?” and you have a good job you speak with some enthusiasm.

– If they ask “what car do you have?” and your car is a good car, you speak of it with pride.

but ….

– If they ask “how much you earn?” no matter how much or how little you earn, you might even earn a lot, but it seems to hurt you that you were asked this question.

– If they ask, “how much money you have in the bank account?” Ui! it worsened.

This is true to who has money and who does not. But the funny thing is that it is easier for someone with no money to speak of its financial difficulties than someone with money to speak of their earnings.

Why am I (Rui Gabriel) talking to you  about money and why should you listen (read) what I have to say?

That is, if someone had taboos about money it was me. I was religious and made a vow of poverty (imagine!). Today I am a millionaire, earned hundreds of thousands of dollars online and am free. That’s why I can speak and I know what I’m saying.

If you hear someone say “badly earned for his family” ok, we stand, it seems good. Regardless of the type of person that is.

If you hear someone say “I earn a thousand euros a day” it’s a scandal! regardless of the type of person you are.

Why is that? Wouldn’t it be much more interesting to talk about money openly if we want to, no one to be judged good or bad about earning or not earning whatever?

Wouldn’t it be much more interesting to ask the “millionaire” what he does to earn that much money and imitate him, if possible, instead of slagging him?

The truth is that money is a powerful form of energy that very few people have learned to control and even those who reject it (and those mostly) live under its influence.

Wouldn’t it be so interesting if we could be free in relation to money? That neither it nor the lack of it, lead our lives?

I think the most of social subversion is to be free. Having the money to BE DO and HAVE and all that is important to us and not have to think about it.

Is this so hard? I think not.

The biggest limitation is in the Taboo of Money. One can not speak of it, you can not have too much, you can not earn a lot, you can not … phew.!

For me, I got tired of hearning “can not”, I decided I could and I did.

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