“We live one life, we dream of another, but the true one is the one we dream about.” – Jean Guéhenno

Your current self lives the life you have. Your ideal self lives in your dream.

Do you still have any dream or have you given up on it for some time?

Do not worry, if this is the case go to the old trunk and take it back outside, clean of it’s dust because I have news to tell you.

You, today, with the difficulties that you have right now with your life story, you have the potential to live your ideal life.

And how do I know that?

That is if you can imagine something you can also do it.

What your mind can conceive it can also perform.

Its-up-to-you-to-be-who-you-want-to-beAnd where there is power to dream is the real truth, deep, real.

Do not think that I’m now suddenly lame. Make the effort to overcome the cliches and focuse on what I have to say. You will see that nothing has of lame but instead of truth.

If a skeptic looks at a walnut he sees a walnut. If he likes nuts maybe he’ll eat it, if he doesn’t like them maybe he’ll discard it. But if a connoisseur looks at the same nut he can see a million new walnuts and new nuts lying on the ground waiting to be picked.

Who is right? The Skeptic or the Connoisseur? Both.

The Skeptic believes that nut is just a nut and will act according to this belief: will eat it or throw it away. The Connoisseur believes that the Walnut has a walnut tree inside, and he will also act according to this belief and will plant it.

What is true is that the belief in one and the other modeled the reality of each:  the Sceptic got a walnut (or none, if it was thrown away) and the Connoisseur got thousands of nuts and a tree for shade. And these two such different results are due simply and solely to different beliefs.

Nothing has such permanent effects on your life as your beliefs, or philosophy, or mindset, how ever you want to call it.

So clean the dust of your old dreams and begin your inner change.

Change your belief then act in accordance with this change, as you acted in accordance with your disbelief when you took those dreams and put it in a chest in the attic dusty lost.

Do not forget: even if you say “yes” or you say “no” in any case, you are right.

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