I talked about the 80% of the population who do not succeed in Internet Marketing.

Then, there is a quality of people who are more resistant to bumps and last much longer in the industry:

They’re those who know they have to work on themselves at least as much as they work on their business. They read good books, surround themselves with positive people, choose the right kind of influences they receive, they study and learn from the best in all aspects and facets of the business and industry.

These can persist for many years in a multilevel, they are virtually unbreakable, but don’t get rich. And because they don’t get rich, they reduce the size of their dream until it’s down to the size of their reality.

They go on autopilot, doing what they always learned to do and reaping some meager results, acting as if their business were a job.

Why? Another true story:

My sister in law made some shockingly good cannelloni. One day my wife asked her for the recipe and she taught her how to make the sauce and how to fill the tubes of pasta. “You make the sauce like this and that, with onions, fresh cheese, spinach, then you take a dessert spoon and begin to fill the small tubes of pasta. I don’t do this often because it’s so much work to fill the tubes, I lose most of my time on it, so I only do these on very special occasions and I advise you to do the same.”

My wife got the recipe and added some stuff, and  withdrew others to her liking. When the time came to fill the cannelloni, she grabed a spoon and began to fill the little tubes of pasta one by one. I don’t know if you tried it, but I assure you it’s complicated. I was there to help. After about 10 minutes and about 3 or 4 cannelloni filled with stuffing, my wife threw the spoon into the bowl of filling suddenly and said: “there must be a better way to do this” made me stop and began looking around the kitchen.

I left, but returned about 15 minutes later and she had a tray full of cannelloni, over 30 and was already putting them on the tray to go into the oven. “How did you do that?” I asked, admired. After all it was very simple. She found a plastic bag, filled it with the filling, cut a corner off and started filling those little tubes of pasta with pressure, using the plastic bag as a pastry bag. We started eating cannelloni at home often and it’s one of my favorite dishes.

One day, in conversation with my sister in law, my wife told her that, at home, everyone loved the cannelloni, being different from hers. To which she replied that at her house it was also a very popular dish, to bad it was so much work! My wife laughed and told her how she was doing it, with the plastic bag and cutting the corner with scissors, filling cannelloni with pressure, to which my sister replied with a big laugh and called herself an idiot for not thinking of it sooner herself.

For over 20 years she was making the cannelloni a spoonful at a time because that was how an Italian old lady had taught her. Probably when this old lady learned to make the cannelloni, plastic bags had not yet been invented.

Now let’s translate this story for the multilevel industry.

Imagine that my sister is a “multilevel distributor” of a cannelloni company. The company provides the filling and the tubes of pasta and the work of the distributor is selling cannelloni (but first has to “prepare” the orders, stuffing the cannelloni with filling).

The cannelloni are wonderful. The company pays 90 % of the revenues to the distributor ( it’s a nice compensation plan huh!) And all the destributor has to do is sell canneloni and recruit cannelloni salesmen. Right?

What does my sister in law do? She announces the quality of the cannelloni, gives them a taste and everyone is salivating. After announcing the company, the spectacular compensation plan that will make everyone rich.

What happens?

  1. She’ll get some customers, imagine 10, and will recruit some distributors, imagine 10. Everyone was very excited.
  2. Customers place orders and my sister-in-law spends five hours in the kitchen every day filling cannelloni with a spoon.
  3. The 10 new distributors, in the meantime, also made some customers and they are also spending 3 or 4 hours a day filling cannelloni.
  4. When they go out on the street, tired and with bags under their eyes, they try to convince friends and family that the cannelloni business is the best in the world, but really there are few who believe in them, who knows why.
  5. Time passed. The new distributors have found that everything is perfect in the business except the part of filling the cannelloni: it’s boring, slow, tedious. And, when they tried to explain to their friends what they have to do every day to earn money, they felt they were not good at filling cannelloni and worse, they didn’t want to do that. Everything they don’t want is one more thing to do to fill their already occupied days. What they wanted was a way to earn money at home on their free time and not a prison. They wanted the freedom announced not a “job” filling cannelloni, moreover without a fixed wage. When one of my sister-in-law’s distributor complained that she was making little money she replied, “fill more cannelloni.”
  6. After a few months or a few years, many people have had the experience of filling cannelloni. Some liked it, others didn’t. What is certain is that, eventually, everyone ended up leaving the business.

Someone made ​​money with this business? Yes. Many of them got rich? No.

Did I make myself clear?

Now imagine the same story but the distributor is my wife. The same cannelloni, the same company and the same multilevel compensation plan. The same introduction, tasting, presentation of the marketing plan. The same results: 10 customers and 10 distributors.

What happens after this is completely different:

  1. The first thing my wife teaches is how to get a good plastic bag (size, thickness), how to make a cut on one of the tips in order for the hole to adapt to the size of the pasta tube and how to fill the cannelloni with pressure. Everyone learns easily.
  2. Once customers start asking for cannelloni and my wife spends 15 minutes a day filling the tubes, and another half hour handing them out and getting good money back.
  3. The same goes for the 10 new distributors: they begin to have some customers and spend a few minutes a day filling cannelloni.
  4. The rest of the free time is spent in their hobbies and shows other people this fun and simple way to work.

Who do you think will get rich? My sister-in-law and her distributors or my wife and her distributors?

Why? Because my wife has an effective, simple and duplicable system of work (easy to reproduce with a new person).

This story (the true one and not the multilevel which was invented just now to serve as an example) has taught me that knowledge, determination, willingness to work, persistence (more than 20 years making cannelloni with a spoon!) or a good product or company is not enough to succeed: you must have a working system that allows you to be effective and is easy to learn and multiply.

Many are multilevel distributors for years and are not rich. They are the ones you find at the event and didn’t understand why they weren’t already rich. Now you know why: they’re filling cannelloni by the spoonful.

A side note: I already found many who look at the top figure earners who earn tens of thousands a month and think: “now that was luck, look, that one was fortunate to recruit such a qualified person. One day I will also recruit a distributor like that so that my organization explodes and makes me rich.” And I don’t mean that this is not possible. But you can also win the lottery.

All the distributors who think this way end up quitting shortly. They give up because they have no patience to wait for the results and they think that their sponsor is a superstar and it’s all a matter of luck.

Nothing is more wrong: it’s not a matter of luck but preparation.

But we were talking about cannelloni and spoons. And here comes the second reason why you probably will not get rich.

You don’t have a good working system, simple, step by step, easy to run, fun, highly effective and completely duplicable.

To aggravate things, your sponsor doesn’t have one either. I have nothing against sponsors, I also have one and I myself am also one, but probably your sponsor doesn’t have this system, neither does his sponsor and everyone is filling cannelloni with a spoon.

Worse than that: they want you to do the same and to teach your downline to do the same and they don’t know or don’t care, that plastic bags have been invented for a long time and have many uses beyond the obvious.

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