"All that you can get out out of life has to be exchanged for something. She is a tough negotiator and doesn't give anything away for free."

I've learned over the years that, whatever we want in life, we have to give something in return.

This direct – exchange economy is very simple. You say what you want life to provide:

  • A relationship
  • A career
  • Fame
  • Material goods
  • Spiritual goods
  • Free time
  • Health
  • A family
  • Personal fulfillment

I dunno, what you think is important to you.

After telling life what you want, you need to be aware because she will ask you a question. And that question is always the same:

What are you willing to give in return?

  • If you're not willing to do anything for this desire of yours, life will give you nothing in return. She has a very clear statement that says always in these cases:

"nobody gets anything, doing nothing."

You failed.

  • If you're willing to do something, then you say, I will do this and that, but I can't do that other thing or the other because I do not have time, or money, or patience, or desire. In this case, imagine that you give 50% of your potential. Life responds:

"Fantastic: I'll give you half of your dream. Deal!"

Once you think that life is bad because you make an effort but receive only crumbs in return. Well, you can't complain too much because half a dream is better than any dream.

  • However, if you are willing to give it your all, even the energy that you don't even know you have, if you surpass yourself, if you give it 120%, you'll make a good deal with life.

It's that, she has one defect: She is extremely generous with who gives everything they have. Be it very little or a lot, she will give back 200%, 300% of your dream.

You will have the surprises of your life, if you give your 120%.

My grandmother used to say, "life is hard for anyone who is soft." This need to be completed by saying she is extremely generous to whom gives their maximum and then some more.

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