” Always do your best. What you sow today will be your harvest tomorrow.” – Og Mandino

A friend told me a story that I never forgot:

There was a carpenter so competent that he was considered a true artist. Everything was perfection. The boss of decades and fellow professionals admired him greatly.

One day he was talking to the boss and told him he was tired  The more than two decades of work in that company had already arrived and he wanted to retire .

The boss spread the word among all employees and decided to throw him a farewell party. They brought gifts, hugs and eternal friendship.

At the end of the party the boss called the carpenter and told him how much he loved him and thanked him for his years of dedicated service. However, before he left, he still had a house to build. The last one. Then he could go enjoy his retirement .

The carpenter did not want to do that work, but also did not want to say “no ” to the boss, his friend. Thus, he accepted the job and started to work, half annoyed.

His head was not there, all he thought about was the years that had passed, all the tasks and bitterness, and how much he wanted to get rid of the obligations of an employee to enjoy resting in retired .

He finished the job quickly. It was a good job ? No. There were wrong details, lack of panache and attention everywhere. That house, with a fantastic project, was constructed so poorly.

When he told his boss that he had finished, he looked at this, happy and gave him a bunch of keys and said” take these keys, the house is yours. My gift to you for having done a work of excellence throughout your life. “

The carpenter found himself in the unlikely situation of having built houses that are perfect for so many people and he will spend his old age in a house that is of third category .

” Look at your day now, see if you are making the right decisions and if you are giving it everything and a little more. Because the bed where you will lie tomorrow is the one you build today.

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