“You are only curious in proportion with what you’re instructed.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Work hard so you can ask lots of questions, learn more rise up more issues.

This is the only way for the world and your personal life to advance.

If you have a job ask yourself if you are in the right place or if you could try a better position, not only for ambition but for pleasure, for testing, for the challenge. When you find yourself saying “oh, this is not for me” take notes of this issue and become one of the best in this field, only to learn and do thigs as well as the best.

An example: there is talk of sport and you answer “oh that?! I am not like other people …. I exhaust myself!.” This response shows a good sense of humor but does not get you anywhere.

Choose an unlikely sport: archery, or karate or tennis or golf and become good at it by study and dedication. No need to be an Olympian, learn and make only to expand your horizons.

Another example: there is much talk of creating multiple sources of income. Our parents, they had a job, now you need to add to your job some automatic and small income generating activities that will complete your budget.

Investigate this matter, make your choices and put some extra hundreds or thousands of dollars in your account monthly. Learn and do just to see how far you can go.

Another one: you have some harmful habits such as: smoking, alcohol, overeating or undereating, too much television, little or no reading, procrastination, etc..

You know what yours are. Take one of them, which ever one is easier for you, and work to replace it with one that is positive. Not for anything special, learn and do just “because”, to see the result, how a change in habits will change and interfere in all aspects of your life.

I do not know what to think, but to me, curiosity is primarily responsible for your growth.

Pull yourself up to the next level because it starts in the same place where the change begins.

If “curiosity killed the cat”, at least this one did not die of boredom.

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