“A good teacher has always this concern: to teach the student to unravel by himself.” – André Gide

Lead for freedom, educate for autonomy.

You can help someone in a difficult situation, but assure yourself that you are teaching this person to be autonomous and free. Remember the old oriental saying “if you give someone a fish you give him food to eat for a day, if you teach to fish you feed him for a lifetime”?

On the other hand, you can ask for help and be helped.

It’s very brave of you accepting the help of another person.

Make sure however that the aid is channeled so that you don’t need to ask for help again, so that you, for yourself, are able to help others to be autonomous, in turn.

– Do not be substituted to your son in solving a problem or explain in any detail to your subordinate what to do.

– Make sure about the safety and effectively but give maximum freedom and responsibility.

Do the same with yourself: don’t accept others to do what you’re supposed to be doing or replace you in a mission. It’s yours and nobody else’s.


Become proactive and take control of your own life.


Then teach others the same way.

The Individual Freedom can not be given, it must be earned. Do not deprive yourself or anyone of this conquest, which is, I think, the biggest of all the ones we can achieve while we are on this earth.

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