"Cynicism is the rust of the soul."

Who never tried and those never failed is not cynical. Cynicism comes from the incorporation of failure in the soul. And the failure comes from at least one attempt.

I appreciate the cynics because at least they tried, unlike the apathetic who don't do it.

In any case, it's not enough just to try, one must know that all attempts are a process. Failures, as well as victories, are part of this process. Nothing is ever finished.

So, while I appreciate them, I feel sorry for their souls covered with rust. Inside there is a phenomenal light, but the layer of rust doesn't let it shine.

They say:

" You didn't go through what I went through." " If you only knew … " "Now
there's no point."

A cynic was not always like that. As children they had their dreams and ambitions, they grew with projects and desires. But one day they made ​​a decision: changed some peace of mind in exchange for his faith. When someone stops fighting, suddenly it seems that all is well. When you give up on something, you can have the feeling that "the battle is over." But no. A new one is just starting: lack of faith in yourself, in others and in the world will keep rusting your soul and begin to cover its glow.

Maybe you know someone like that. What can you do for him? I think nothing, but to stay clos, but not too close, showing him with your actions and results that he might have a new opportunity .

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