Network Marketing is the form of economic activity best suited to the changing economy.

When there is a change you can choose two paths: to see where the opportunities are and you adapt to them or fight against change and try at all costs to maintain the status quo. The second attitude is called “crisis.”

Therefore, the “crisis” is nothing more than a maladjustment to new realities. That’s why there are people who suffer much from the crisis and others who thrive. “Some cry others sell tissue.”

For the first time in history, every single person has the power and opportunity to take in hand their future and their family’s.

The reality of the economy has changed so much that there are few who can adapt.

But who can do it thrives beyond the imaginable. In this sense, Network Marketing comes to show itself as the vehicle best suited for the new shaky ground. It’s philosophy and methods of operation of it’s best companies and workgroups, provide a real opportunity for everyone.


Rui Gabriel

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