“There are people who, even though they wish to hide it, they pursue an end that’s distinct from the others. Their attitude towards life betrays them.” – Leon Tolstoi

Recently, after the beginning of the explosion of Attraction Marketing and the Empower Network, there were “experts” in attraction marketing, multilevel, MLM, Internet Marketing, etc.. All right, because one of the most important success factors in Attraction Marketing is being seen as experts.

The only problem is that there is an expert who wants to, but who has the results.

So, before you call yourself “expert” on whatever you want, achieve the results. It is not theory, it is practical. Unless you wanna call yourself “expert bullshitter” (see dictionary) which is who says it is what it is not, and sais it does what it doesn’t do.

The Tolstoy says something very interesting today. He says that if you become light, that light betrays you and shows you, even if you wanna be quiet. Exposes you.

No need to shout “I am the light,” “I am bright,” because if you’re light isn’t on no one will seek you or, if they do, they will not be on your side.

Therefore, chase your goal far above mediocrity.

Become what you are.

Expose your results.

You’ll never need you to call yourself “expert” or “master”, others will want to say it about you.

Search only your truth and live every second according to it.

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