“It’s in moments of decision that your destiny is traced.” – Anthony Robbins

Yesterday I was watching a television program about the psychological time and there it was said, by a researcher, that NOW has a duration of 3 seconds.

This time is what we understand by PRESENT. It’s a window of a train in slow motion showing the reality out there for 3 seconds.

I found this fascinating.

I think I have to, finally, buy a watch :). The interesting thing is that we do everything in these 3 seconds.

  • All the joys and sorrows, love and resentment.
  • All the work, projects, achievements and decisions.
  • Everything is done in that window of opportunity.

The wall of china was made in 3 seconds when, from moment to moment, every little decision and action was being implemented. The Journey of Man to the Moon was made in 3 seconds, at each moment when decisions were made and the tasks performed. Everything that exists in the world was made in that time period.

What are you gonna do in the next 3 seconds is entirely up to you.

I know one thing: every second counts to make my life the life that I want and each one, with the thoughts and actions that I put into them, it guides my future in a certain direction.

The fact is you can’t want to go South when most of your “nows” are passed directing you North. If you have something to decide, decide. Something to do, do it. When you say to yourself “oh, I’ll leave that for later, I have time,” think again.

You don’t have more than 3 seconds and these are only available Right Now.

Actually you can’t act in the past or the future, only this gap of a moment is offered to you by eternity for you to leave your mark on the world.

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