Abundance is not about how much money you have, but the attitude twards how much you have.” – Rick Jarow

When I was a student in Madrid had a teacher (Marciano Vidal) who was writing a book called “Moral Attitudes.” Was already in volume 3 (2 already published) and the thing seemed to have no end.

He stipulated that the persistent attitude is what shapes our being, a direct link between “Attitude” – “Being” – “Doing.”

Admittedly, being a theologist and being the old Pope Benedict XVI (then Cardinal Ratzinger) ahead of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (heir to the ancient Inquisition in surveillance of the Catholic faith), the ecclesiastical magisterium was against some points of his moral philosophy and he ended up renouncing his thoughts on several key points. But these are other stories.

I mentioned Marciano Vidal on the subject of “Attitudes” compared with the “facts.”

I am often faced with a given action from someone that I do not like. The fact here is this: “I do not like.” The significant fact is not the action of that person. This is a common mistake: thinking that things are what they are.

Now if things are not what they are but what I do with them, my attitude toward them is what shapes their nature, at least in what concerns me.

I do not know if I did understand, but the thing is simple:

– For me the glass is half full or half empty, there are no other options.

– And my actions, thoughts, reviews, prejudices etc.., Will depend on my consideration of the cup.

My actions will depend on my thoughts and those on my attitude towards the world and life: my “evaluation system” (expression of Eduardo Salazar).

Jim Rohn, of whom I speak so much, calls this permeated attitude the “personal philosophy”.

Marciano Vidal taught me that the actions good and bad depend not on the will power to do good, not a moral consciousness focused on the trail of sin, but a positive inner attitude that I can cultivate.

Result: if you want to do act correctly, create a correct personal philosophy (attitude).

And by correct I mean that you improves yourself and others and that is a permanent source of happiness and abundance for those who come into contact with you.

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