"The heart is a selfish organ." – Vishen Lakhiani

All the blood in your body passes through the heart. This you already know. Now I will tell you a secret:

The symbol of love after all is nothing more than selfish. Serves itself first and with the best delicacies, leaving the rest to the other organs. Fresher and more oxygenated blood is for himself.

Why? Because the heart is right, in order to serve the whole body, it has to be in good condition.

In a living and efficient system there are no victims or martyrs, they all contribute to the common good that is no more than the individual good multiplied by the number of participants.

On the day that the heart decides to give the best blood to the little toe, pity it's just there  so far in the periphery (!), The heart loses performance and whole body suffers.

Take care of yourself so you can serve better.

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