“What propels the boat is not a sail, but the blowing wind that is not seen.” – Plato

To be successful it’s important to observe and imitate.

This is not the imitation like a monkey or parrot, but the imitation of the child who builds something new on top of what it learned by observation.

For your financial success choose mentors that are financially successful, for your success in love choose mentors successful in love, the same is true in relationships, career development, personal fulfillment, in good physical shape, health, body expression, spirituality, etc.. etc.. etc..

However, you don’t want to emulate your mentor in appearances but in the invisible engine that creates what you can see.

And if you want to know what are it’s secrets, I’ll give you a clue: habits.

Study and imitate the little habits that person has. They are invisible, none of them have sufficient importance to, by itself, produce the success you seek. So pay close attention to detail so that you manage to identify them.

There is nothing more powerful than a habit.

For very small that is, it has the power to profoundly transform you over time, through the influence he exerts on small everyday decisions.

Now you know where to look for the wind you can not see. When everyone comes to admire and envy the blowing sails of others, you already know what wind to use to inflate your own.

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