“I have not failed, I found 10 000 solutions that didn’t work out.” – Thomas A. Edison

One thing is to go through difficulties, failures and discouragements and tell the story after you have been victorious. Quite another is to be at this time failing, falling, looking for the path, not knowing if there is one.

What, after it happened, it’s told as an adventure, it is understood as happening as real life. And in real life it is difficult to believe in miracles.

What differentiates Thomas Edison from ordinary mortals is that he saw every failure with the eyes of one who was already victorious and is only retelling his success story.

When you learn to see every stumble as a major step to victory, nobody is ever gonna stop you and you will achieve all the objectives that you propose yourself.

Orientals say, “Who stumbles doesn’t fall, they take a larger step.”

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