“All dreams start small.”

The more you grow the greater the challenges.

You think your difficulties are now so large that you can’t overcome them? You are right. You’ll never be able to overcome them, no. Not if you stay the same, not unless you transform. If you didn’t grow together with your accomplishment.

Are you tired because you fought so hard for such little results?

Maybe your result is greater than you think and you have achieved much more than what you were aiming at. You were looking for sand and found gold. However, you’re still discouraged because you don’t have the sand you think you need nor can you see that hard work always brings its rewards. It may not be what you expected, but it’s probably much higher: gold instead of sand.

So you can’t stay in analysis of the paralysis. All dreams start small. Your plan will not take you to the destination for sure, you’ll have to make many corrections, but has the unique virtue of giving you a strating boost.

Along the way you’ll encounter increasingly bigger challenges, but it’s like my grandmother says, “God gives the load according to the back.”

Stronger back, larger loads. If yours is huge, be thankful because it means that you are strong and you will get where you want to be.

Life tests dreamers and confirms at every step if you’ll be worthy or not of fulfilling your dreams.

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