“Wealth is one  means to live happy, but Man has made it the sole purpose of life.” – Anatole France

Instead of using the word “wealth” I prefer to use “prosperity” or “abundance”. Of course they are more or less synonymous, if that exists, but the word “wealth” won many negative connotations when it began to be reduced to “a lot of money.”

A few years ago, about 10, I took one of my daughters, age 7, to school. The drive was short, about 10 minutes. One day she was very quiet. Suddenly threw into the air, without provocation or warning: “Oh father, we’re rich of everything… except money.”

It was an overwhelming intuition, especially at a time of great financial hardship for me.

I was very happy for her to have this view of things.

But the fact remained: I had no money to pay the bills, though indeed I was rich in everything else.

When you have enough to free yourself from the preoccupation with money, then you can be much happier.

You may need a lot of money, you may need a little or none, but the energy it carries will always play an important role in your balance.

Do not despise it, like you don’t despise your health, or rich human relations, personal and professional fulfillment.

But also do not give it the importance it doesn’t have because money has a bad habit of being a great slave but a bad master.

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