“Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of idea is an obstacle.” – Ken Hakuta

It doesn’t matter what your goal is. Whatever it is, you will find, at some point in the process, an insurpassable obstacle.

Unsurpassable, if you keep your mindset unchanged, values, methods of solving problems.

As a result, at some point you’ll have to overcome yourself as to surpass a particular difficulty.

You’ll grow.

Do not think you can do greater things keeping the size you already  have. You will do them yes, growing together.

One day I heard a friend of my organization complain that he’d love to be able to take a two-week vacation in the Greek islands, but unfortunately that was not possible because he had no money. I asked him what the plan was and he replied: “What plan?” I asked again: “Do you have a plan?” He didn’t. Now if you have no money and no plan, what you do have is an unrealizable dream, a kind of mental drug that brings some deceptively serotonin and makes you feel decietfully happy.

You, reader, you probably have some of these “impossible dreams”. But I’m gonna reveal the “egg of columbus” for achieving it:

Or have the means or have a plan.

If you do not have either one, you better forget that dream because it won’t happen, and never will, is an illusion.

But if you have one, then it is indeed within your reach.

First take a firm decision to pursue your dream. Checks whether you can fund with the means you have at present. Of course you will have to make choices, you’ll probably have to give up some things you also cherish. This is only testing To check how much you really want to achieve your dream.

If you do not have a way to finance your goal, then you must have a plan.

If the problem is money, discover the most inexpensive ways to reach it, and then begin a process of fundraising. You do not have to have all the money tomorrow, but if you start today saving 10-20% of your income for some time you will have all the money you need.

You can take 6 months or a year, or even five years.

It’s alright.

It will happen.

You will make your dream come true.

And you know what? Even if it takes five years, five years from now, with or without saving it, you’ll be five years older. But if you follow your plan, in 5 years you can be chatting to the sun or in the same place where you are now.

Another example: You want a family, children, wife or husband, but you are alone and there seems to be no one in the world able to captivate you. Great. If you not have a girlfriend or boyfriend, you need to have a plan.

Yet another: you intend to achieve a certain position in your career. Or you have the means and make it, or do not have the means and have a plan to achieve it in the future.

Another one: you have a health problem or wellbeing you need to treat. Or have the means or have a plan. If you have one of the two and you act accordingly you’ll achieve your goal.

And it is so with each and every one of the areas of your life. You can do anything you want if you have the means and you act accordingly, but if you do not have the means you can achieve your goals in the same if you have a plan … and you act accordingly. The key phrase, if you had not noticed is still “act accordingly” is not “daydreaming” or “just want” or “positive thinking.” No!

Very clear and obvious. Seems simple enough, and it is.

Create this discipline: Make a decision, then make sure you have the means or otherwise, define a plan. This simple discipline does free your creative energy in the solution instead of focusing on the problem.

Therefore I say: First the decision, then the solution.

If you wait to have the means to make a decision and set a goal, you will never go forth from where you’re standing.

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