“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of the linguistic forms of energy with greater destructive power, if badly used, is the expression “Now!”. It can be very useful, yes, when printing a sense of urgency in a project that starts with raising square butts of their seats. But often it insinuates itself into the mindset and expands the brain contaminating everything in its path.

It’s first side effect is the elimination of patience.

Nature has its time and we, no matter how smart we are, are part of it.

Our intelligence, imagination and emotions are nothing more than natural forces such as wind or rain, or the life force that makes the grass grow.

We all know that old saying: “Sow to Reap.” You mean, by seeding, we will reap, correct? Wrong. You need to include another stage in the middle there, “caring”. The natural order is “sowing, care, harvest” otherwise you risk to reap something you did not sow, some weed that was introduced in your colheira abandoned.

This is the secret of success: “caring” (“sow” and “reap” seem to be well known) and this is where patience is required.

You go to the gym for a week and you’re still the same, you have not lost an ounce. Doing a diet for a month and … nothing. You start a business and results, zero. You start a book … but before you decide to go see the movie. You have money now, you have to spend it now, you have an idea that excites you, you begin to put it into practice, but give up soon. You have a dream (if you still do) you try to achieve it, the difficulties stifle it. You think: “not worth it”.

You were fooled. You were led to believe that sowing is enough to reap. You sow now and then want to reap right away. You say: “I did it but I have no results.”

More than 90% of dropouts come from the lack of information regarding the move of the medium:

“Caring” this step is patience, persistence, small but continuous actions of faith. While the seed emerges you work for pure hope. Thereafter for believing that those fragile little leaves will become a giant and indestructible tree.

The coolest is that all of this will happen without any doubt, if you learn how to sow and care, and respect the rhythms of nature, “without haste but without stopping”.

And it doesn’t only happen to others!

Or do you think that nature has a special law of success for others and failure just for you?

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