Hello, my name is Rui Gabriel and I am co-founder of the Lazy Millionaires League of Empower Network.

Today is a special day because I will reveal a secret.

This secret is very simple:I’m sure you have heard of a company called Empower Network, because I mention it several times on my blog, youtube channel, facebook etc.. This business is really a great thing, so that, along with Silvio Fortunato, created a system with the same concept but in the Portuguese language. It is a unique business in the Portuguese market and now is a great reference for other professionals, and I’m sure it will be even more.

What is this Empower Network?

It is very simple, it is a place where anyone who becomes a member, has access to a range of extraordinary and unique products, content and information , with regard to internet marketing and personal marketing.

It is common, and it is usual practice to have much information on the internet, many courses to teach how to do many things: teach how to use a auto-responder, how to do blogging and many other things related to internet marketing.

But there is nothing to teach us the basics, the beginning of the beginning, which is the production of content and personal marketing from the root.

This is a mission for Empower Network:

support you as a member, to have access to these tools and this training in Personal Marketing so that you can create for itself an unshakable reputation, become an attractive person to your market and obviously capitalize it.

In addition, affiliates earn 100% in all sales of Empower products, but the Empower Network is also a place for distribution and sale of the members’ own products.

Imagine, you’re having a hard time writing an article on your blog, you will learn how to write articles for the blog in 20 minutes, you will learn how to promote it, you will learn how to pick your audience, communicate with it  in what way, with what content, and much more.

So it’s a very engaging project, it involves many people, and it also has a mission to help you create productive relationships with other professionals in our sector (the sector we are talking about personal marketing, internet marketing and, obviously, network marketing).

Gathered in this one place are the interests and contributions of many people, some of them are true references in the industry, even today, there are at your disposal to exchange ideas and experiences and help you, too, to promote yourself as a specialist in your area of ​​operation.

This is what the Empower Network is. If you are not registered on my mailing list, please do so now in order to receive my emails and not miss anything.

This content was transcribed from recordings provided Rui Gabriel.

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