“Do not find a fault, find a solution.” – Henry Ford

The bad thing about “sayings” is that, often, they are repeated so much that its meaning becomes clouded. This is one of them.

I think there is nobody on the face of this planet who does not agree with it, but I would bet that not one person in ten applies it on a daily basis.

I don’t have much to say about this subject, I son’t have any original perspective nor a personal angle.

Whenever you find yourself with a problem, a defect, a challenge, cover it in depth and take whatever time is needed to get an idea of what is happening (if you take more than 1 minute you’re indulging).

Then focus on solutions and don’t think about the problem again, except to verify that this is resolved or at least underway.

I know it is not easy giving up that hint of victimization that we like to feel when things go wrong, and to let our circle of family and friends know this “disgrace” so they have pity on us.

But this is something that you really have to quit doing, like a junkie or alcoholic has to quit drugs or alcohol.

This is where you play your future: let the role of victim in the pocket of your other jeans and take your role of winner, which is what you are by nature.

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