“Never say” it’s impossible “, says:” I have not done it yet. “- Japanese Proverb

The “power of words”.

I have a daughter, Olivia, 8 years, recently learned about the “power of words”. She knows that if she says: “I can’t do it” she will not achieve it, if she says “it’s is too much homework!” it will feel like it,  “I do not know themultiplication tables” makes her really not know! But she also knows that if she says she can’t “yet” and that it’s not a lot of homework and that she “will achieve” whatever with time, dedication and patience, everything will happen in the best way and I am very happy for her:

She already knows more than 90% of adults. She knows what she says tends to become reality and is learning to discipline what she says, and, hence, what she thinks. This is the power of words.

I know she will succeed in all things in your life, because she is creating the right mindset.

She will go farther than I’ll ever manage to go, and this is also the power of words at work.

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