"They can't interpret great music, unless they've already had a broken heart." – Gaspar Cassadó

This Catalan cellist and composer knew what all the great masters know: what didn't do you can't teach, what you don't love you can't share.

Don't get too worried because you still have what you want: health, money, time, personal and professional achievement.

Do not worry because your present experiences are not like you'd want to have. Don't worry.

If you are honest, work hard, give it your best, believe in the future, take advantage of every opportunity, your sorrows are but steps to greatness.

However I will leave you a warning: Not all bitterness leads you to greatness.

Only those that come from your hard work, commitment. Because the nightmares you have for not doing anything, let life slip between the fingers, and opportunities when life gives them to you, these nightmares are fruitless and devastating.

Run from them, my friend. Choose to pay the price of action instead of the price of inertia.

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