“The Priest won’ allow it. ” – Author: people

In the village where I was born, and where I go every day, there are many religious movements of social character. Some more active than others, but there are plenty. When I lived there, I participated in one of these movements and noticed there was a phrase often repeated by those responsible whenever an idea came up: “The Priest won’t allow it.” It was an automatic response.

Yesterday, talking with my mom about the fact that many people complain that the parish is dying, that people don’t go to Mass and that the activities of these groups of social action are close to zero, I noticed that this phrase is increasingly stronger as the community dies.

There stoped being community spirit because there are no activities that unite the people, on the other hand, because there is no activity there is also no community spirit. The interesting thing is that there doesn’t even seem to be a lack of ideas.

The universal excuse to excuse their own inaction is “the priest won’t allow it.”

– But …. did you ever ask him?

– No, but it’s not worth it, I know he’ll never let you do that.

The poor priest, has a reputation for not letting you do anything, for killing the parish, but I’m sure he doesn’t even know a tenth of the ideas that “he” killed at birth… unknowingly.

When I hear someone say “it’s not worth it”, I think of “the priest won’t allow it.” It’s a lame excuse for you to automatically justify yourself for succumbing to inertia. Want examples?

  • – An opportunity passes right in front of your nose, but you don’t investigate it because “it’s not worth it, it’s all the same thing.” How can you know that it’s all the same if you don’t go see?
  • – You need to talk to someone but the conversation you need to have is hard for you. You prefer not to have it. You can even pick up the phone, but then you think: “it’s too early, he should still be sleeping,” or “it’s too late, it’s no time to call,” or “he will think badly of me,” or “he won’t want to accept my proposal”, “he will say no. “How can you know what the other person thinks and what he will I say? By chance are a clairvoyant-futuristic-medium?
  • – I will not do this work now, it’s lunchtime and it would do no good. It’s too hot, or cold, or it’s late or early, or I’m too old, or I’m too young. How can you know if you can if you don’t do it ? How can you fail if you don’t try and how you can succeed if you don’t fail?

Don’t let the excuses stop you from fulfilling your mission. Don’t use the priest to excuse your own inertia.

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