“The beginning of all sciences is the surprise of things being what they are.” – Aristotle

Aristotle speaks of science in the sense of “knowledge” as opposed to “superstition” which, in turn, means describing something based not on facts but on imagination.

That said, you create yourself, alter yourself and you build yourself up if you knowself. And this only happens as you marvel, you admire every phenomenal thing that you are.

The master of Aristotle, Socrates, said: “Gnoti Seauton” (“know thyself”). Makes sense to you?

Begins with the astonishment that brings gratitude.

The deep admiration and joy for being exactly as you are.

Each “defect” is only an opportunity to put into practice a quality that you already have.

No poor man who is unable to be rich, lonely that can not be gregarious, sick who can not be healthy.

Thank and admire the many positive things that you can identify in yourself and also thank the poverty, loneliness, sickness and all the things you call negative because they are opportunities for you to put your potential in action.

That is their sole purpose.

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