“When you die, die empty.” – Herminio Nevarez

A few days ago I was with Herminio Nevarez in Madrid, along with some friends. He asked everyone, “What is the portion of the richest land in the world?”

The answers varied: “an oil well”, “a gold mine”, “a diamond mine”, “the place where is the safe of the European Central Bank or the Federal Reserve.”

– No, no, he clarified. The richest portion of land that exists on this planet is the cemetery.

And he’s right: it is there that are buried all the books that haven’t been written because people left it for tomorrow. There are all the songs to be sung, pictures to be painted, good to be done, words of love that were never spoken, the dreams that were never acomplished.

Buried there are all that is most valuable in humans: the purpose never accomplished and lifetimes that were wasted.

After giving the explanation Hermínio ended:

“We, when we die we will go empty into the tomb. The land there will have nothing valuable because we’ll give everything, everything, everything before we finish our journey.”

Don’t die with your music still in you.

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