“Success is a science; if you created the conditions you will have the results.” – Oscar Wilde

One day I heard that “you can never work to get results because you can never know exactly what results come from your work.”

Green checklistI think that what is important is to work to create the conditions to manifest what we want and leave the rest in the hands of The Boss.

If you intend to be healthy, do not run to the doctor or to the pharmacy, because you do not have the time or patience to eat well and exercise. Instead you need to create conditions to have a healthy living: make time for yourslef, recharge the batteries, make better use of the time to be able to be a bit more with friends or family.

If you would like to make more money, don’t do more hours at a job that pays you 2 euros and a half per hour. Study, develop yourself, seek opportunities, create conditions for someone to want to pay you 20, 30, 50 or 100 euros per hour.

Everything in life is achieved without effort, because it is not our effort that makes things happen.

He merely creates conditions to manifest something great, often larger than we would have the courage to ask. That is success.

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