“A man is a success if he jumps out of bed in the morning, goes to sleep at night and, in the middle, does what he loves.” – Bob Dylan

The ideal is to be so rich that you do not need to worry about the amount of money you do not have, to have so much love that covers your lack of shade, having so much personal fulfillment that your progress as a person fills you with happiness, so much free time that you never find yourself thinking “I don’t do this because I have no time”, so much health that you do not even think about getting sick.

Don’t you think it would be a good measure for your success? Me too.

Now comes the good news:

Noticed in the previous paragraph, and with which you agreed, that the only obstacle between you and wealth is “the concern about the amount of money that you lack?” And to be happy in love you hae to be thankful for  just how much you already have? And to have all your personal fulfillment it’s enough to like yourself as you are and move forward as a person? And to have all the time world just do things as if you had, prioritizing what is most important to you? And that if you live like you have the whole world’s health … You will probably have it.

It seems to me that if you get up in the morning and think about your life, exactly as it is, you will find so many reasons for gratitude and joy that probably, as the night arrives, you will sleep the sleep of the successful.

After all, today you are very successful and tomorrow you will be even more because you initiated a process that has no return.

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