“An entrepreneur is someone who sees a need and sells a solution.” – Harold Cameron

Have you ever heard that behind every crisis there is an opportunity?

If you think like an employee, which means “dependent”, you cry over what you lost. If you think like an entrepreneur, which means “independent” you look for a solution. Not for you, that’s dependence, but for other people. And it’s this solution that you find for others that solves your problem.

I’m reading a book, “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”. Without going into the wonderful and inspiring details of the book, I want to tell you a little story, told there:

There was famine in Malawi, this family was eating the last 12 meals of corn they still had, one per day. Many starving people passed through the roads offering 6 hours of work in the field in exchange for a meal. The author is one of the children of the family and his father, near the end of their meals, talks with his family and gives them an idea that’s so absurd it just might work: “We will sell our food.”

He didn’t have more food than anyone else, they were starving, and only a few measures of corn remained. Like everyone else, he could go look for a job in exchange for food, but the problem is that every time there were more people to volunteer to work and were paid less and less corn.

He saw the opportunity: many people are starving, we’ll sell food. Only a few people, few, could buy a pound or even a half pound of corn flour on the market. Who couldn’t, didn’t eat.

The next day, the father and mother of the author built a stand, there in that market. The mother separated half the flour they still had, added sugar and made some tasty corn cakes. The cakes, small but very filling, were sold cheap. Who could not buy a pound of flour, could buy one or two cakes.

All the cakes were sold in twenty minutes. Then, still in the market, they spoke with a flour salesmen and used all the money they had made to buy flour. With this flower, his mother separated half to feed the family and half for the cookies. The business grew in this time of crisis, his family survived.

What is the difference between “dependent” and “independent”? Service.

The first seeks to satisfy his own needs, the second seeks to meet the needs of others.

Before you complain that the “situation is bad,” think of how many people you have served lately. What is your way of thinking?

  • “I have the right!” or
  • “In what can I be useful?”

In the answer to this question may be the solution to all your problems .

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