"Working in a good company is like being on a train. Is it you that's moving at 90 miles an hour or is it the train moviing at 90 miles per hour and you're sitting down and relaxing? – Jean Paul Getty

What we talked about is intelligence.

The culture of slavery says:

  • " Working hard and with honor is more important than earning a lot of money."

As if there is any honor in being poor or as if honor and hard work are incompatible the with making a lot of money. Pernicious myth.

The culture of intelligence says :

  • "Work on your job to survive and in your part-time to become rich."

In other words, work double duty to multiply your results. Not everyone is willing to work 12, 13 or 14 hours a day. You are, if that's what you need to accomplish your dream.

Yet Paul Getty warns: you need to go riding on a train. You need to multiply your efforts. That's what makes the train.

That's what makes a good vehicle: you work a bit and your results multiply. You walk a step in the corridor of the train, but you're moving 90 miles per hour.

This vehicle is anything that brings you residual income: interest, rents, capital gains, or royalties.

If you do not have any of these types of income, you are most likely running alongside the train. Even if you can keep up with it, not for long.

My advice: find a way to get in here.

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