“If you are faced with a choice between” being right” and “being kind” choose “to be kind.”- Wayne Dyer

One of the great tricks that ego plays on us is to give us the illusion that we are good or bad in comparison to others.

This is a lie in which do not run the risk of falling for.

If you accept it as true you define your value, and in consequence your identity, in comparison with what seems to be the value of the others. So your actions aim to put you above the others. And this is achieved in two ways:

The first is improving and comparing. This modality, in principle positive, eventually becomes quite ungrateful because you always find someone better than you that reminds you how small you are. This finding leads you to the second form.

– The second is putting others down and comparing. When you humiliate another person, prove that this person is wrong, you find a way to blame others for the mistakes you made, or put otherr people’s faults under the spotlight, you’re feeling falsely superior. You fell into the trap of the ego. He will rob you of your friends, get your money, ruin your career, your family life and give you the false and temporary feeling that you are the king of the world.

You can say that you have the ego under control when you assume responsibility for all your faults and failings, of course you’re not miserable or a “poor little thing”, but attentive to the truth that you are.

And improve yourself every day, not comparing yourself with others but with yourself.

And when faced with the choice between “being right”, even if you are absolutely convinced that you are, and “be kind”, since you will not fall into the trap of ego and you can then choose to “be kind”.

With this you enter a new dimension of empathy and respect.

And with this improved relationship you will, without any effort, find out a little more of the truth, which ultimately did not correspond with your opinion more than the opinion of someone else.

This has nothing transcendent to it, it’s pretty basic. Apply it in your work life, family life, with friends and hobbies, personal fulfillment, love and everything you can.

Do not worry about being better than someone else, but to be better today than you were yesterday.

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