Yesterday I went to downtown Toronto for a movie with my girlfriend (I’m taking the opportunity to date even after 24 years married to my girlfriend).

In advertising they place on the subway I saw one that caught my attention. Advertising for a credit card for “newcomers”. Canada being a country of emigrants who continues to receive immigrants from everywhere, the bank created this card with the following arguments:

– Why do you need to start building a history of good-credit.
– Because you need a little push to begin your new life.

Attaching to this notice the fact that it is difficult to pay basic bills without having a credit card, we begin to see a pattern here.

On the news I saw more than one family in serious financial trouble because they can not pay their debts, especially in consumer credit (credit cards and car loans) and housing credit for buying house.

The worst form of slavery is to live with debts and the world is set up so that everyone has debt. Preferably not enough to fail, but enough to keep you working all your life to pay them back.

You get involved in a game you can not win and of which you are not allowed to quit.

I know of what I speak. In this video I show you the reality. And show you how I quit playing this game.

Hello, My name is Rui Gabriel and I bring you a special message here from Canada, were I still am on holidays.

The fact is that, even on holidays we’re still making money. It’s very cool. I think I’m in the best business in the world, Empower Network and the Lazy Millionaires are the best thing that could ever have happened.

My message to you today is very strong and very simple. There are verious forms of power over people, one of the worse is debt.

I had a lot of debt, I’ve been through a lot of financial difficulties and that is one of the worse forms of violence. One of the worse form of power over people is someone having debt over another. It’s funny because our society’s and economy’s base is debt. It’s considered a good thing for someone to have capacity for debt, or have credit. Right?

It’s interesting how these concepts are passed on to us in such a way that we become slaves as quicly as possible. And it’s very easy. Everyone thinks “I want to buy a house, I need to get a loan.” or “I want to buy a car, I need to get a loan.” It seems normal, and it’s good to have credit. Having credit means you don’t need your bank, the bank gives you money that you already have because you have a way to generate it, but you pay the bank for that. So you pay the bank so you get something that you already have because, if you don’t have it, the bank doesn’t loan you the money. So here is the capacity for debt, the fact if you have credit or not. It means if you need the money or not. If you have credit it means you don’t need the money, you have the capacity to generate it, if you don’t have credit it means you need the money because you don’t have the capacity to generate it, but the bank won’t lend it to you.

This model is a bit perverse that is made for us to live as slaves. As we develop the capacity to generate wealth, we gain credit and capacity for debt, and the system is made for us to start generating money for other people. Here is were the credit cards show up, were banks come up and say “take this card, it has x credit, you use it if you want but you can keep it with you, it’s yours.” Things like pre-approved credit are evil ways for, in any case of necessity, the bank to take hold of our life. You start working to pay bills, to pay taxes, to pay debts. The worse form os slavery is debt, as you know, and as I know.

When I speak of freedom and living in freedom, I mean, first of all, to live free of debts. It means we gain the capacity to have our own money, to live our life the way we want and were we want, without needing or wanting credit and without wanting to loan money. That is our fight and it’s not easy. Usually we all need to finance ourselves in some way, there is nothing wrong with that, the problem is when we finance ourselves and think that being financed is a good think. But it’s a horrible thing. It keeps us slaves. It keeps us working, generating weath for other people and it undermines our lyfestyle and our freedom and our familie’s freedom. Isn’t this horrible? I think it is. Of course, I talk this was because I know what it’s like. I lived through having huge amounts of debt. I know what it’s like to work to pay the bills and debts, and I can tell you that it’s not a good thing. And I noticed that all of society and the entire way the economy is built to keep you and me inprisioned and hostage by debt, banks, financial services, all the people who aren’t contributive in anything to you, but you have to contribute.

And why? Because we were told that this is the way it works. We were told that we need to have credit cards. We were told that we need loans. And it’s all lies. We don’t need any of those things. We can have them, if we want, but we don’t need them.

And today I wanted to share with you this message of freedom: I found, in the Lazy Millionaires and Empower Network, the tool, the vehicle that allows me to live that way: To be were I want with whom I want, spend the money I want on things I want, help who I want and not be a hostage or prisoner by nothing and nobody. The feeling of freedom is something that’s unbelievable. To be able to say, I’m not afraid, I overcame fear, fear of the creditors, the banks, the financial services, all my fears have beem conquered. I’m not afraid of anything and nobody and I can say that I am prosperous and happy this way. I wanted to tell you that this is possible, it’s not a dream. It’s possible. And even though we were told all those things our entire lives, it’s possible and it’s real. It’s not an illusion, I know it’s real because I’m living it.

And today, I’m providing you with access to exactly the same vehicle that I use for myself. So take your action. Rid yourself of the slavery because it’s possible to get out if it if you do something about it. Is it easy? No. But it’s possible. Big hug.

The fight for freedom is one of the few fights that are worth it.


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