“Some men see things as they are and say” Why? “I dream of things that never were and say” Why not “. – George Bernard Shaw

There are people that say “Why?” to anything new and nothing changes. And there are people who say “Why not?” and make miracles.

The majority of the population is the multitude of “why. Their favorite phrases come from “common sense“: “do not go”, “do not do”, “be quiet”, “others people don’t do that”, “you are no more than the others “, etc … they are commendable precautions .

You know how far people who think like this go? Where the majority goes.

Look around you and see if you are like this. If you are, great.

But if you want to fly higher than most and have a different life, you have to think and do different things.

Instead of “Why do I do this?” ask yourself: “WHY NOT?

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