“There is nothing that you can have, be or do that can make you happy.” – Srikumar Rao

I have no doubt that the greatest happiness I’ll ever feel, will have little to do with anything I may have, be or do. These are only my dreams. Yes I have at least one in each category.

Once I had defined my dream, I drew a plan, searched for the vehicle and burst into working like crazy to be able to achieve it. I have accomplished some and failed miserably in others. The important thing is that these experiences of victories and failures (more failures), taught me that I’m happy, not because I was able to achieve a goal, but by having gone through the process.

I think one of the biggest mistakes of modern life philosophy, is to focus people on the objective instead of focusing on the process.

The goal doesn’t depend on you achieving. There are so many external variables that you don’t control, that the possibility of you achieving it is not normally very high. This philosophy of life is responsible for low self – esteem and fashionable depressions that enrich the pharmaceutical industry at the same time that prevents many people from having control over their own lives.

But back to what makes us happy: nothing.

Nothing besides ourselves.

You have happiness inscripted in your DNA, you were born happy.

Then, through out your life you kept learning this philosophy of life that stuck to your head the idea that, to be happy be, you have to achieve certain objectives.

Wrong, quite wrong. The goals (dreams + action + plan) simply serve as guide lines. Once you have one, your focus is on daily action in the process. It’s here where your passion, your personal fulfillment. The result is not very important, provided you have given your best.

It’s this “pushing hard” that fulfills you. Not the result. And it’s this focus on the now, on the process, that you discover that happiness already exists inside of you, although it has been half asleep.

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