“Risks, I like to say, is always worth it: you learn what to do or learn what not to do.” – Jonas Salk

There are people who like to take risks. Consciously and deliberately put themselves in danger, or at least, of great discomfort.

Yet it’s a mistake to think that, being quiet at home, you take fewer risks. No. It doesn’t work this way with physical security nor with mental, social, or financial security. No.

In times of change staying still is a greater risk than actively engaging in solutions.

Don’t think that to take risks you need to do something.

The biggest risk you take is to stay still in your comfort zone.

When a tsunami comes, the boats anchored at the harbor are more at risk of sinking than those who are at sea. These, in most cases, don’t even notice anything, but the ones that are in “safe harbor” sink – all of them.

Do you think that the current times are uncertain? They’re not. These are times certainty. For sure.

And that certainty is this: the price of doing nothing is higher than that of do something, even if that “something ” is deemed a failure.

If you think you’re safe there where you are, anchored in your “safe” job, in your allowance, in your company and your employees, think better. The tsunami is here and you probably have few alternatives.

Leave shrinkage and seek more.

The is no shortage of opportunities to those who look for them!

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