” In time of war fear and courage reach their highest points.”

Balance, reflection, calm and reason are admirable qualities. Reflection, tranquility, understanding and harmony are key for having a good life.

But there are times when you need to put it all in a drawer, you have to roll up your sleeves and show your teeth and claws. These are the times of war.

You step into a “time of war” when something very fundamental is threatened. Your own life, your family, your lifestyle, your home, your salary, food, clothing, self -esteem and respect. It is survival mode in the extreme.

You can have two attitudes: either you enter in paralysis induced by fear or go into a rage caused by explosive action. Courage often comes from despair.

What saves your life?

When you were a caveman, the paralysis of fear served you well because if you stayed still you would not be eaten. In today’s world, if you stay still you will be devoured by the circumstances, everything passes over and around you.

For many people, today is a time of war. Maybe it is so for you.

You need to know that because you have to take action. There’s a time to be moderated and a time to be radical. If you have your life threatened or to be conquered you’re not in a time of negotiations with the destination. It is the day of controling it, mastering it and taking your life back into your hands.

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