To succeed in life in today's world, you have to have the will and tenacity to complete tasks." – Chin-Ning Chu

Well we all know when a task is completed: when it fulfills its purpose. But often we don't know when it starts and, as we don't have this information, we don't even know if we are doing it or not.

To give an example :

One day you evaluated one aspect of your life and you felt you needed to do something about it: stop smoking, lose weight, find a source of additional income, write a book, take a trip, create or improve a relationship, take a course, whatever.

On that day you initiated a task that needs to be completed. Even if you don't know, you felt the need to do something about something, you started your way in that direction. And this task needs to be completed for you to be able to succeed in your life, not only in this aspect of it, but in all others.

Imagine that you feel the need to learn something that completes you.

You say: "I liked to learn English," for example. Everything you do that takes you away from the accomplishment of this task is complicating your life in all dimensions.

If you think you have no time or money for it, make a plan to have both in an "x" amount of time.

If you thought:

  • " I would like to have time to spend with my family " or
  • " I need to take a vacation with friends ," or
  • " I need to change some habits ," or
  • " I lack the spiritual dimension " ,

if you thought about any of these things and feel that it's right, that it corresponds with your sensitivity and the simple idea makes you feel good, then you can't not do the impossible to finish these tasks that you just started within your mind.

You can not leave them unfinished because it makes your life a "half -life " and, I think, you don't want to reach the age of 80 feeling like you didn't even live 40 and after all, you're still too young and you still have so much to do.

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