“The time for fear is over. Now it’s time for hope.” – Paulo Coelho

The most interesting about the right time for something to happen in your life is that you’re the one who chooses this time.

How can Paulo Coelho know that, right now while you are reading these lines, your time of hope starts and your time of fear ends? How, unless he knows that these times are your options and that you can start and finish these whenever you want?

Think about what makes you choose fear and what consequences this has on your life, what price you have to pay:

You have to put up with a job that does not fulfill you, with whom you have no connection, projects and broken dreams, a daily rat race, days passing in an ever increasing pace, tyrannical routines and inglorious battles.

Think about what makes you choose the time for hope and the price you have to pay:

getting out of your comfort zone, risking a career, start a new career, bet on yourself, take charge of your life, of your time, your work, take time for yourself and those you love, take care for your health , become generous rather than competitive, lead yourself.

– Imagine the revolution that this time of hope will bring to your life as soon as you decide to embrace it.

Do you have the courage or is it one of those things you will start on Monday, or the first of the month or January 1st? Today is a January 1st as good as any other.

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