“There are things more important than money, unfortunately they are all too expensive.”

All actions, thoughts, objects and emotions are forms the vital energy that flows between all human beings.

They have names like “social interaction”, “relationship”, “behavior”, “rationality”, “affection”, “material goods”, etc.. All are forms of energy entering and leaving the orbit of each one of us serving us until they go up to also serve another person.

However, there is a form of energy that has the ability to mutate any of the other forms: money.

It is just another expression of the same energy, but allows the release of all others. That’s why it is so sought after and coveted.

Do not be fooled though.

Money is the boat, not the destination.

But do not neglect the means of transport that will take you across the ocean to the land of freedom. Love it, respect it, care for it and it will serve you well.

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