“Where your treasure is is where your heart is.” – Bible

Your ability to focus on an idea, with heart and soul, with intellect and emotion, this idea grows until it becomes reality.

This is your treasure. Where your treasure is there your heart is and where your heart is there your treasure is.

We were made this way. Now analise for a moment what thoughts occupy your mind throughout the day and how you feel when they arise. Do you think “I’m sick,” or “I have no money” or “nobody likes me” or “I only make friends suffer,” or ” I do not deserve to be happy,” “I’ll never be promoted”, “I can’t do it” .

Learn that if your heart is in that place then your mind is too, these are the currencies of your treasure: old iron.

If instead you think and feel gratitude for what you have and for what you are, cherish all the fantastic things you have, your treasure will be more of the same: many gold coins, prosperity and abundance in all aspects of life.

Now you’re thinking: “yeah yeah I’ve heard that somewhere … so just think and things appear? Whom are you trying to deceive?”

You will see when you believe: Believe to See

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