“Keep your mind open to everything and attached to nothing.” – Wayne Dyer

This is one of the teachings of Wayne Dyer that most changed the way I act and therefore my results.

It means that when you have a goal, you have to be open to all possibilities, without pre-judging people or actions.

You’ll never say “this person does not fit” before you give him an opportunity, and you will not think “it’s not worth doing this because I’m not able to achieve the results.”

You’ll do whatever your intuition dictates, without placing obstacles or reservations and you will meet the people you can.

This, so far, there was big news to me, accustomed to fighting to get what I undertood was necessary and gathered fighting people around me. The big news for me, and that made all the difference, was the part of the “tied to nothing,” mostly “stuck to the result.”

When you have a goal, a strategy, a plan and a schedule you have a tendency to measure success or failure in proportion to how much of the goal was achieved. I, at least, thought so.

What I learned and perform now is that you do what you have to do, with all the enthusiasm and passion, envolve the largest possible number of people who share the same dream and they all give the maximum.

But while doing all this, you can not think of the purpose or how near or far away it is.

Disconnect yourself from the result.

This is what it is and it will result from your actions and the forces that you have placed in motion.

Often, I’ve noticed, the result has nothing to do with the original purpose. I would consider myself a failure if I measured the results by the number of times I reached my initial goals. No. I do not consider myself a loser because I have seen miracles happen, incredible results, far beyond the objectives in width, height and depth.

So do not measure  your success by “achieving goals” and don’t remain hostage of something as limiting. Draw them, plan them and do everything that is possible for you, but keep your mind open to unexpected results.

From these objectives, some you will achieve, some not, what matters is the person you become in the process and how you influenced people around you.

Do this and you’re vaccinated forever. Never again will suffer a failure in your life.

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