“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.” – Bernard Baruch

Imagine you live in a flat world, in two dimensions. You can imagine that you were born in a sheet of paper and all your experienced and everyone you’ve ever met stems in length and width. X and Y. You were born there, moving forward and backward, right to left. Everything you ever tried is in two dimensions, you are flat, flat, and you have a good life.

Now imagine that a fly lands on paper. Your ability to understand this phenomenon is this: 6 black dots that move in sync as the fly walks. Then they disappear by magic.

Science in your world can not explain how six points emerge from nothing, move a certain way and then disappear again, but as part of everyone’s experience, some people start asking questions.

One day, while you observe the black dots, you discover that there must be something to interconnect them. Otherwise how would they move as a synchronous pattern?! Then you invent an explanation: there is another dimension of reality: height! That would explain everything!

You invent Z.

But when you talk to people around you, everyone laughs at you: “Imagine! Height! Ahaha! Just go do something useful!”

But you think that there really is another dimension waiting to be discovered. You try to understand, you exercize, pushing to get up and free yourself of contact with the paper. If there is this third dimension, you have to get to experience it.

If they laughed at you before, now it got worse: your face red from the effort, the pain you experience from overcome gravity is a proof that you are deluded. “Use your judgment “.

One day your little finger goes up and for a second loses contact with the paper. You felt like a roller coaster. Your brain burst into a real spin to absorb the new experience: Wow!

Then the little finger, the hand, then both elbows and one day with an inhuman effort, supported on both arms: the head rose above the sheet of paper. What an incredible thing!

In a short time you can stand on your feet. Your friends see marks of feet as you see the world from above, at the same time. See what is near and far, past and future.

When you come back to the paper you know things that nobody else knows, you make choices that nobody else understands and you execute a spell that make some people amazed, others reticent and others enemies. You, however, know that with time, all people may experience height and you count on it.

Your mind, your experience and your future path is now drawn in 3 dimensions: X , Y and Z. You’re a visionary.

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