A poor man who wins the lottery is just poor with money. The whole process of business growth, it’s processes, it’s levels, take place following a process of personal growth.

That’s why lottery winners return to stay poor a few years after being millionaires. It’s that THERE IS NO SUCCESS WITHOUT PROCESS and learning how to deal with success, expanding the mind and horizons and reasons are not what keeps you successful and what makes you grow everyday. Who does not grow, withers. “Being stopped”, “having achieved” these concepts do not exist.

Today I speak to you of the “fear of success” that appears for someone when they hit 100,000, and for others when they hit 1000 and others when they still have not won anything: they get scared only with the chance of earning something, and begin the process of self-sabotage.

In this video, made in Denver where I am for an Empower Network event, I had to talk about it because it is one of main result blocker for many people, including myself.

Hello again, I’m Rui Gabriel.

We’re taking a little walk through downtown Denver, close to the Hard Rock Cafe.

This video I’m doing now is not for people who have success.

I’ve been seeing, sometimes, people starting to become successful and then things get complicated, which is a funny thing.

And everyone who is not successful yet is thinking “Well, that is being picky. I would love to have problems like not knowing how to deal with success.”

But that is the truth.

You remember that story, it’s in the Bible… Jesus is walking on water and he calls Peter and he also starts walking on water. And what happens is he actually did it, he was standing on water and started walking. But after giving the first steps he starts looking at the waves, feeling the wind, looking down and it doesn’t seem real, it doesn’t seem possible. How can he, a normal person, just start walking on water?

This is the fear of success.

This happens when someone who never made money online starts making money. The first check appears, the first serious money appears and it’s incredible, but it brings out all these kinds of questions. “I’m a worker, I work alot, I never give up” and when my identity is related to that then, when you actually start making money and being successful, you feel like it’s not you. It causes identity issues. “I am not someone who walks over water, I am not someone who shoots lasers from the eyes” “I am poor but honourable, hardworking, I work alot and never give up even in the middle of difficulties.” So there’s focus on the difficulties, on never giving up instead of focusing on making the best out of things and taking advantage of them and having results. You see the diference? 

So I’ve seen alot of good people “lose themselves” because they start having a hard time dealing with success.

This is something I didn’t want to happen to you, so when you start getting results, you need to start growing, expanding your mind and understand that you deserve all that and much more.

Always remember to make the best out of your new lifestyle because when it finds you, guys, it’s incredible but not surprising.

If you do things right it’s just the outcome of what you’ve been doing, of the circunstances you’ve been building.

See you around.

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