“I’ve failed over and over and over and over again in my life and it’s the only reason why I ‘m successful.” – Michael Jordan

I think we’re all tired of people hearing say: “Success is overcoming successive failures.” The masters of success say time and time again: “if you want to multiply your success, multiply your failures.” I think you know what I’m talking about.

But it’s different how we deal with this beautiful theory when failure knocks at our door. And I’m not talking about something you wanted but you couldn’t have, I’m talking about you giving it your maximum, you exposing yourself, you starting up enthusiasticly, you having been fighting and persevering but one day you stop and prove that your dream is not only not any closer but is much further.

You’re tired of fighting and no longer believe in their realization. At this point it’s one of two things: either you don’t see any way out and you’re lost, or you even know what to do next to continue your fight but you have no energy to dream again, to invest time, money, passion and emotion into something that has already disappointed you once or twice.

I don’t know if I painted the picture of your failure with the right colors, mine at least, is like this.

All dreams, and all its stages, come with a price. The higher the dream, the higher the price. And that price is always paid in failures. It’s terrible to fail, bad for our ego. But on the other hand it’s great to fail, great for our dream.

There are people who give up even before they begin: they imagine problems and that is enough to keep them away from the stairway of dreams. Others start to climb, one step after another. At one point their legs hurt, the size of the steps increases and there comes the first crisis: “I can’t get up there.” Here are a few more turn back and say: “I tried”. Some others, rest a bit , and go up only one more step before givingup. After all the pain passed and the size of the steps went back to normal, but now they are covered in nails with the pointy bit up. Another batch of people give up here, feet sore, tired, and discouraged. Yet some continue and the nails disappear to give place to attacks of birds, thousands who bite and attack trying to shoot you down. Everyone tries to fight and fails again and again. Some more gave up.

As you climb the difficulties increase. Don’t think that after you defeat a difficulty you can rest. No. There’s another much worse one coming. But you’ll also be better prepared.

And so, from difficulty to difficulty, from failure to failure you’re going to win. It’s not about never giving up but to overcome challenges. I ‘ve seen people make mistakes, failing and insisting on the same mistake over and over again, and continue to fail in the same thing. This is not being persistent, it’s being stupid.

You need to persist in commitment and purpose, not the task. If this does not work find something else that does. Do like the water that always seeks a path to sea. If it doesn’t evaporate, it runs, if it can’t run, it infiltrates. It always seeks a path and … always finds a way. If it gets blocked, it evaporates, falls as rain, and resumes again elsewhere.

I just want to tell you something: embrace failure. Just so you know what doesn’t work, but most of the time throws you in a new direction, unexpected and unusual that takes you even closer to your goal. And I have news for you: failure is the only way to acomplish your dreams.

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